"Out tops the rest...No matter how you slice it!" is our motto. That starts with our awe-inspiring employees. Getting hired at Pizza Works is no simple task, but if you do, we are confident that it will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

1) Our staff is heavily cross-trained. We believe that we are a team. For everybody to pull their weight, we all know how to do everything.

2) Our staff loves it here! Our current staff has been here an average of 18 months, and that's if we don't count the GM or owner. We like to say employees come and go. People stay. We have people on our staff.

3) You'll always know exactly how you're doing. You get a note from one of your managers with every paycheck telling you how they think you're doing!

4) Every six months like clockwork, you'll get a big performance review from the GM. Raises and bonuses anyone?

5) You'll get rewards for being here 90 days, 6 months, every yearly anniversary, and on your birthday!

6) You'll get a full membership to the best fitness facility in the area, Fizek Fitness!

7) Our operating credo is “Work hard and have fun.” It is our heritage and we strongly believe that if you cannot have fun at work, you will not perform to our standards. We want you to perform, so naturally, having fun is what we expect. Even down to the details of you taking turns picking the Pandora station you want to listen to in the kitchen.

8) There is growth opportunity. Our parent company is planning to open a full-service restaurant in the near future. While it is not definitive, the plan is that they will draw upon our management staff to move toward that new location. Meaning promotions are readily available.

9) Finally, we want only the best of the best. We promote you having independence in our kitchen and don't micromanage your every move. Having the best is necessary to keep living this culture. It is not easy to get hired here, but if you do, you'll never want to leave.

For our Howland location, please apply online here.